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Widu Wide Tooth Comb With Handle - The Green Life Company

Widu Wide Tooth Comb With Handle


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The Widu wide tooth comb is perfect for combing wet hair.


WIDU brushes are handmade in Italy with wood of the hornbeam tree, which has a strong resistance to breakage and maintains its exceptional smooth qualities. The WIDU Wooden Bristle brush is all-natural, with no animal by-products nor synthetic materials and works to stimulate the scalp and reduce hair breakage.


  • Wooden bristles gently massage the scalp, move natural oils through the hair and reduce hair loss.
  • Massaging the scalp helps promote hair growth and stimulate acupressure points.
  • The brushes and combs are naturally hypoallergenic.
  • The comb’s wooden teeth are turned and well finished so they do not tear at the hair.
  • The brushes and combs are only finished with a protective coating of either beeswax or purified linseed oil. They utilize no toxic lacquers.
  • Wood is from only suppliers who agree to a policy of sustainable forestation.


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