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Sun Mar 400 Rolling Compost Bin - 100 Gal - The Green Life Company

Sun Mar 400 Rolling Compost Bin - 100 Gal

Sun Mar

  • $499.99


FREE SHIPPING! All Sun Mar Compost Bins ship free to the Continental U.S.
Keep those biodegradable food scraps and lawn waste out of the landfill! The Sun-Mar 200 is a continuous composter with an 11 bushel (100 gallon) capacity. It is excellent for composting kitchen scraps and a few cut up garden trimmings.
Install in less than 10 minutes then start easily adding your scraps! To mix and aerate the compost, the drum is rotated using four finger-friendly slots running along the outside of the drum. Compost is removed by opening the output port, rotating the drum and allowing compost to fall from the inner drum into a bushel basket or other container. Sun-Mar composters incorporate the Sun-Mar patented double drum Autoflow design, in which material goes in the top and compost exits automatically out the end as the drum rotates.


Unlike traditional compost piles, compost can discharge at any time, as you don’t need to wait for entire batches to finish. Additionally, since the compost is covered, it is pest resistant.
  • Height: 36"
  • Depth: 28"
  • Overall Length: 42"
  • Product Weight: 60 lbs
Made in Canada




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