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Simon Says "Let's Stop Climate Change" DVD by Hippo Works - The Green Life Company

Simon Says "Let's Stop Climate Change" DVD by Hippo Works

Hippo Works

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Featuring the "It's A Jungle Out There!"® gang by Denis Thomopoulos, "Simon Says 'Let's Stop Climate Change!'" is an 'edutaining' adventure that teaches and empowers kids on this important environmental issue. The DVD includes the animated film plus a 45 page eHandbook (with lesson plans, puzzles, and fully indexed chapters correlated to National Science Standards), an interactive quiz, a foldout wall poster, ringtones, mp3s of songs,  bonus eco cartoons, and more. 





"This film connects kids to their planet with an understanding of how climate change affects them and what they can do to help stop it - all with characters my family just loves!" - Davis Guggenheim, director of "An Inconvenient Truth" 
"The global warming issues that the film communicates are scientifically sound. Plus the film will be great fun for elementary students!" - Stephen H. Schneider, Ph.D. The Melvin and Joan Lane Professor for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, Stanford University and recipient of the 2007 collective Nobel Peace Prize
"My students and I love this DVD! Colorful, engaging, the ‘Simon Says’ film really helped my class learn about and understand the complexities of Global Warming. We also loved the music and how it was infused into the messages." - Kirsten Riley, elementary school teacher, NJ
"My kids love this DVD! They've watched it 5 times in 2 days and are singing the songs and becoming little eco warriors! It even inspired them to have a Climate Change Bake Sale where they raised $80 for planting trees to offset their carbon footprints!" - Megan Crawford, mother of two, CA


Recommended for grade level: K and up

Spanish Translation and Closed-Captioning

Main Feature: 28:28

Total Runtime: 41:31


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