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Lightair IonFlow 50 Solution Air Purifier


  • $349.00

Innovative and stylish design!


The Lightair Solution is the ultimate compact ceiling mounted air purifier. It efficiently eliminates the smallest and most harmful particles that cause the most severe health problems. Also, recent scientific studies proves the IonFlow technology efficently removes and inactivates influenza virus. It is suitable for environments where you want the air purifier off the floor and furniture such as in schools, nurseries, clinics, etc.





  • Efficient 99.94%
  • Filter-free
  • Silent
  • Energy-efficient



Dimensions: 5x14 inches / 13x35 cm


Weight: 4.8 lbs / 2.2 Kg (excl. adapter)

Room size: approx. 540 sq ft / 50 m2

Noise level: 5 dB

Energy consumption: 7W

Ozone level: 0 ppm, not even measurable (instrument measures down to 0,002 ppm)

Certifications: EMC (Electromagnetic Quality) CE, ETL (US), GS, S, BSMI, CQC

Particle reduction: Effectively removes particles (size 0.01-1.0 ?m). Especially efficient eliminating the smallest and most dangerous particles (nano particles below 0.1 µm), but it also removes larger particles (1.0-25.0 ?m) at a reasonable rate.

Negative ion effect: 19'000'000 negative ions/cm3 on 1 cm distance, 250'000 negative ions/cm3 on 1 m distance.

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