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All Natural Kapok Bed Pillows by Sachi Organics

  • $49.99


These handmade, all-natural kapok pillows are the softest and most comfortable that we've ever used, and you will sleep easier knowing that your pillow is free of pesticides and toxins. Kapok pillows feel a lot like down pillows, but are allergy free! The kapok pillow is the softest of the three fills that we carry.ganic pillow, sachi organic bed pillow

Kapok is a silky fiber with a feeling much like milkweed or down. It is sustainably harvested from the seed pods of the kapok tree. To harvest these materials, the tree never needs to be cut down. The seed pods are taken off and the fiber within extracted. The kapok fibers are encased in organic cotton damask and the pillow can be used for years with comfort.



The kapok pillow will flatten with use so we recommend that it be put in a hot dryer for 10 minutes each time the bedding is changed. The heat plumps up the pillow and it is again ready for a wonderful night's sleep.



Sachi organics has been designing and manufacturing high quality pillows for over 30 years. During that time they have built a solid network with organic farmers and trusted organic suppliers, ensuring that they use the purest, highest quality, certified organic & natural raw materials available.



  • Crib/Boudoir (12 x 16")
  • Standard (20 x 26")
  • Queen (20 x 30")
  • King (20x 36")


Made in the USA