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Organic Wooly Bola Bed Pillows by Sachi Organics

  • $128.99


Wooly Bolas are small round wool clusters. They make a soft bouncy feeling pillow that is supportive and adjustable. Wooly Bolas are naturally resilient, they stick together but do not compress. This results in a pillow that keeps its shape. Fluff, squeeze and reshape the pillow anyway you want. With the Wooly Bola pillow you can easily adjust the loft. By adding or removing filling through the zipper opening.

Available in 3 sizes.





Sachi organics has been designing and manufacturing high quality pillows for over 30 years. During that time they have built a solid network with organic farmers and trusted organic suppliers, ensuring that they use the purest, highest quality, certified organic & natural raw materials available.




  • Standard (20 x 26")
  • Queen (20 x 30")
  • King (20 x 36")


  Made in the USA